Kuhns Accumulator Systems - Increase Baler Efficiency 75% vs. Manually Stacking on the Wagon

Manual Stacking

Unhooking full bale trailers and hooking up to a new trailer is time your baler is not baling!

Labor for stacking bales can be hard to find or better used else where on the farm

Save your energy for your family after the work day!

Accumulator System

Accumulators - No need to stop baling to change hay trailers!

Fully automated, no hydraulics or electronics. Ready to work when you are!

High capacity to handle any baler output

The Kuhns Accumulator and Grabber system has been helping get more bales to the barn faster for over 18 years! While our equipment has evolved to meet the challenges of today's farm, our quality and reliability is still driven from the same simple gravity fed and mechanical systems as our first prototype we used on our farm.
Watch this video to see our bale system in action.

Baler Efficiency Calculator

The Baler Efficiency Calculator has been preloaded with default values from an average hay operation. Change the numbers in Red to customize the calculator to your operation. This will demonstrate how changing from a pulled wagon to an Accumulator and Grabber System will increase the daily output of your baler.

BALING DETAILS(Replace with your operation averages)



Disclaimer: The Baler Efficiency Calculator is an estimation tool used to estimate an approximate gain in efficiency using an accumulator and grabber system versus a pulled bale wagon and does not factor turning at the end of the rows or changing twine, etcetera. The Baler Efficiency Calculator calculations are in no way a guarantee by Kuhns Mfg as to the output of our equipment or any accumulator and grabber system on your farm. Conditions on every farm are different and vary by the day. Please call us if you have any questions about the calculator or would like to work with us on calculations for your farm.

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