Product Support


  • small bearing - LM67048
  • small race - LM67010
  • Large bearing JL69349
  • Large race - JL69310
  • wheel hub seal - 16289 (size 1.625 x 2.562 x 0.390)
  • dust cap size - 2 7/16"
Stacking the hay with a stair step in the front helps to tie them together lengthwise. Putting a "tie layer" on top holds the bales horizontally and if you are going any distance, two straps going lengthwise keep things under control. The stair step in the front is a lot easier to attain if the stander on the wagon is tilted back 1/2 bale width per layer.
That is only possible with both the 8 bale flat and 10 bale edge models.
Yes, we can mount pin-style brackets or a universal skidsteer plate adapter on Tie-Grabbers and grabbers.
For drying in the stack. Studies have found that hay cures much better when stored on edge. Moisture moves up and has less resistance when the majority of the stems are vertical.
The longest bale length we have tested is 40 inches. There are extended models of the Tie-Grabbers and grabbers to accommodate for long bales.
Yes. We have a dock and use a grabber on the skid steer to drive into the van. We put 5 bales on edge along one side with the skid steer and hand stack 1 flat along the other side.
There is no extra horsepower required for the accumulator. The lift capacity requirements for the grabber will vary according to the model.
It takes about 30 min to set it up after delivery.
A counterweight closes the back gate as soon as the last bales slide off of the gate.
The accumulator will fit any 14x18 baler. The flat models handle both 14x18 and 16x18 bales.
Yes, the accumulator hooks up directly behind the bale chamber
A broomstick works well to push them up and out the chute, then manually trip the back gate.
Yes. We have models that accommodate putting the bales flat
Usually only the very steepest of hills will require adjustment of any kind. The accumulator naturally has a low center of gravity and is even lower with a load so it can handle just about any hill that your tractor can.
Keep baling until the bale comes out the top, then clean the loose hay off of the accumulator.