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Slick For Small Bales

Kenny Kuhns wanted a high-capacity accumulator that would work for the 45-lb small square bales he was producing for the horse market.

So he built one and added six more models.

Kuhns, North Bloomfield, OH, bales up to 40,000 small squares a year and wanted to get the job done faster and better. Some of his seven accumulator models turn bales on edge for better curing in storage. “These are made primarily for commercial hay growers who bale for the horse market,” he says.

“The reason I built it was that there was nothing on the market that did exactly what I wanted it to do. There were others that were similar, but many on the market were for 65-lb bales,” he says.

His need to handle 45-lb bales quickly is a reflection of how the market for small square bales has changed, Kuhns says.


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Bale out: Ohioan invents a better way

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — That old saying about necessity being the mother of all invention? It’s true, you know. Just ask Kenny Kuhns.

The Trumbull County, Ohio, farmer was frustrated with the labor-intensive process of making small square bales of hay. He had a good market for the smaller bales, selling to local horse owners, but the whole baling and stacking and unloading and restacking thing? There had to be a better way…

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