• 615 Grabber

    Kuhns 615 Grabber For Small Square Hay Bale Accumulator


    • This bale arrangement allows you to completely fill your 9’x20′ wagon.
    • The 15 bale pack has a 33% time savings advantage over the 10 bale as the grab contains 50% more bales, it reduces the number of packs by 33%.

    615 Working Dimensions: 95″ L x 72″ W
    615 Shipping Dimensions: 105” L x 72” W x 22” H
    615 Weight: 780 lbs

    Loader with at least 1900lb lift capacity*
    One set of remotes

    *Lift capacity is an estimate based on an average bale weight of 40-50 pounds. However, it is up to the individual to determine their specific loader requirements.*

Works With

How the Grabber Works

The Standard Grabber features an adjustable crowd bar that is mounted on the side of the grabber. When approaching a group of bales, the adjustable crowd bar works in combination with the back frame to crowd the bale group together. Once the group is tight, a single hydraulic cylinder rotates all the hooks simultaneously into the top of the bales to pick up the group. Two cast hooks per bale ensure the bales are secure until you release them on the waiting truck or wagon.

It’s just as quick and easy using the Kuhns Grabber at the barn to unload your truck or wagon into neat stacks. Whether its loading the truck for delivery or to feed your livestock, the grabber quickly retrieves bales from the barn without the operator ever needing to touch a bale.

All Kuhns Grabbers can be equipped with a quick-attach mounting brackets for easy connection to all makes and models of skid steers, forklifts, telehandlers and loader tractors.

Features & Benefits


    Greaseless ultra high molecular weight bushings for key pivot points, and durable 3/16 wall tubing in our heavy-duty powder coated frame.


    Kuhns grabber frame will maintain its original shape, unlike others that deform overtime. Your grabber will work just as good in 20 years as the day you buy it…


    Powder coating provides for better coverage and longer lasting paint.

Baler Efficiency Calculator

The Baler Efficiency Calculator has been preloaded with default values from an average hay operation. Change the numbers in Red to customize the calculator to your operation. This will demonstrate how changing from a pulled wagon to an Accumulator and Grabber System will increase the daily output of your baler.

BALING DETAILS(Replace with your operation averages)

Manually Loading Bales

Automated Accumulator & Grapple



Disclaimer: The Baler Efficiency Calculator is an estimation tool used to estimate an approximate gain in efficiency using an accumulator and grabber system versus a pulled bale wagon and does not factor turning at the end of the rows or changing twine, etcetera. The Baler Efficiency Calculator calculations are in no way a guarantee by Kuhns Mfg as to the output of our equipment or any accumulator and grabber system on your farm. Conditions on every farm are different and vary by the day. Please call us if you have any questions about the calculator or would like to work with us on calculations for your farm.