• 8 Bale Flat



    The 834F accumulator arranges the bales on their strings 4 wide and 2 long.

    • Our smallest accumulator.
    • Handles bales from 32” to 48” long
    • Bundle dimensions are 72” wide and can vary from 64” to 96” long
    • The 8 bale accumulator is excellent for small farms.
    • The low weight requirement for the grabber allows for the use of a smaller loader.
    • If your bales are 36″ long, you can cross stack the bales with the 408 grabber.
    • Loader with at least 1400 lb lift capacity

Baler Efficiency Calculator

The Baler Efficiency Calculator has been preloaded with default values from an average hay operation. Change the numbers in Red to customize the calculator to your operation. This will demonstrate how changing from a pulled wagon to an Accumulator and Grabber System will increase the daily output of your baler.

BALING DETAILS(Replace with your operation averages)

Manually Loading Bales

Automated Accumulator & Grapple