• KN615F Tie-Grabber

    Kuhns KN615F Tie-Grabber for Lifting Hay Bales in Groups


    • Configuration can be used to fill van trailers from the rear.
    • Fills a 24′ wagon nicely.

    KN615F Working Dimensions: 95″ L x 89″ W
    KN615F Shipping Dimensions: 109” L x 95” W x 30” H
    KN615F Weight: 1515 lbs

    Loader with at least 2500lb lift capacity*
    One set of remotes with optional splitter. Two sets of remotes without the splitter.

    *Lift capacity is an estimate based on an average bale weight of 40-50 pounds. However, it is up to the individual to determine their specific loader requirements.*

Works With

How the Tie-Grabber Works

The primary hydraulic circuit operates the bale squeeze and the bale hooks. When activated, the squeeze bar pulls the bales in. A sequence valve then automatically activates the bale hooks. The secondary hydraulic circuit operates the twine arm and the knotter. The twine arm starts on the right-hand side, and when it completes its rotation, a valve automatically diverts the flow to the knotter.

 In Detail:

With the squeeze arm out and the twine arm on the right-hand side, the operator will align the left side of the Tie-Grabber with the left side of the group of bales on the ground and push the group forward to compact the group. The angle of the squeeze arm will pull the bales in as it moves forward. When the bales are compacted length wise, the operator will activate the primary hydraulic circuit. This will pull the squeeze arm in, compacting the bales sideways. The bale hooks will automatically begin to set, so the operator needs to make sure the Tie-Grabber is firmly set on the group so the hooks can set properly. With the bales properly secured, the operator can safely lift and move the group.

While traveling with the loaded Tie-Grabber, the operator will activate the secondary hydraulic circuit. The twine arm then rotates to the left side for the twine to be tied securely with the Rasspe knotter. When that is finished, the hay is ready to be deposited. When traveling to the next group the operator can return the twine arm to the right-hand side.

Features & Benefits


    Quality hand built and tested knotter that consistently makes cleaner, tighter knots.


    Enough room for two balls of twine gives you all day performance. Easy to access and weather proof.


    Wear resistant. In the rare event that you should break a hook, they are easy to replace with essentially no down time.

Baler Efficiency Calculator

The Baler Efficiency Calculator has been preloaded with default values from an average hay operation. Change the numbers in Red to customize the calculator to your operation. This will demonstrate how changing from a pulled wagon to an Accumulator and Grabber System will increase the daily output of your baler.

BALING DETAILS(Replace with your operation averages)

Manually Loading Bales

Automated Accumulator & Grapple




The Baler Efficiency Calculator is an estimation tool used to estimate an approximate gain in efficiency using an accumulator and grabber system versus a pulled bale wagon and does not factor turning at the end of the rows or changing twine, etcetera. The Baler Efficiency Calculator calculations are in no way a guarantee by Kuhns Mfg as to the output of our equipment or any accumulator and grabber system on your farm. Conditions on every farm are different and vary by the day. Please call us if you have any questions about the calculator or would like to work with us on calculations for your farm.